Safe summer with WOLA Wooden Sunglasses

WOLA summer with wooden sunglasses

WOLA – wooden sunglasses in a fashionable, dapper design. Hand-made out of wood, an ecological material with a unique structure and texture. WOLA wooden accessories – classic jewellery, for you. 

What makes WOLA wooden sunglasses special?

WOLA wooden sunglasses are made from real, natural wood. The stainless steel hinges are flexible, so the sunglasses suit both men and women. Slightly different types of wood are laminated onto one another, which means the sunglasses are light and comfortable to wear. Laminated wood is more durable and flexible than whole wood. You should still pay attention to your WOLA, because even laminated wood needs care.


For WOLA wooden sunglasses, we use filter category 3 lenses made 1.1mm TAC with UV 400 protection (see table below). Some models are mirrored. For these models, we ensure the highest quality and use only 5-layered mirrored lenses.



WOLA wooden sunglasses conform to all relevant European standards.

Light filtration


Light filtration must not be mixedup with UV protection. UV 400 is the current standard protection factor which WOLA wooden sunglasses meets. Light filtration determines how much light reaches your eyes and protects you from being blinded. The categories are 0 – 4, where 0 lets through the most light and 4 the least (see table).



WOLA wooden sunglasses mostly have a filter category of 3, which is good for beaches, waterfront walks and fine summer days. The category of your sunglasses is printed on the inside of the sidepiece.

Light filter categories sunglasses

Certificate of compliance sunglasses wola

Sunglasses testing

It goes without saying that our wooden sunglasses leave the factory having already been tested for consistent quality. Moreover, all current models are tested in accordance with EU Standard DIN EN ISO 12312-1 : 2015 each year by ECS in Germany (current certificate). 

Use and safety

The safety of our sunglasses is tested based on applicable standards, guidelines, and current industry standards. The lenses resist pressure arising from ordinary use, but may split if struck. WOLA sunglasses have adequate UV and light protection, but do not provide protection from looking directly at the sun or at bright lights.



WOLA sunglasses are polarised to filter reflections. Despite this, never use polarised sunglasses for sports such as skiing and motorcycling. Shading is filtered, and small buldges or moisture may be missed.