AIR: Light & slim case in wood and aramid

AIR is not as light as air but close too. This phone cases for iPhone 6 Plus & iPhone 6s Plus is made of genuine wood or bamboo and aramid / kevalr fibres. Aramid is not only used for our cases but also in aeronautic and protective clothes.

Wooden iPhone 6 6s case - aramid and walnut wood

iphone 6 6s case walnut wood and kevlar front

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wooden case

The case AIR of the series wolaELEMENTS is not as light as air but close to. The iPhone 6 plus & iPhone 6s plus case is made out of aramid and walnut wood. Aramid is one of the strongest and lightest materials on earth. It's shock absorbing feature is not only perfect for your iPhone case but also for protection clothes and air planes. WOLA combines nature with technology.

wood and more

Walnut wood: brown colour, 100% FSC certified natural wood

Aramid: an extremely strong and light weighted material. highly shock absorbing

wood care

Clean with dry non linting cloth. If you prefer a more shiny backplatte polish the wood with some drops of natural oil.


Weights only 0.5 ounces


This I-phone case is made out of natural materials, each case will vary in structure and colour for your unique experience.