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All about WOLA iPhone and Galaxy wooden cases

WOLA the idea

Welcome! Great that you found WOLA in the web. My name is Albert and I would like to introduce the idea and creation of the brand / company WOLA to you.


I like to travel and was always amazed by the natural beauty of our world and nature. Technological advances involving nature or the fusion of historical and modern arcitecture were always my favourites of modern live.  Seven years ago I landed in China and planed a short term language course. Anyway the country was amazing so I stranded there and the short term gig got a five year term working there. 

WOLA wooden iphone case
WOLA Albert Wolfmayr the person behind

Changing times Porsche E-car

Developements, which took centuries in the western world take in China years only. Seeing this changes at that pace you get aware on how far away from nature and it’s beauty we are. Coming back to Europe I realised that we too in our grey offices and cities lack nature in our daily lives. Still people desire more natural products and colors without losing our technological achievements.

I quit my office job and in March 2016 and founded WOLA, to find exactly this products, we are missing. Natural products, supporting technology and our daily live.

wolaELEMENTS: Wooden iPhone cases and the brand

After I quit my job chinese friends contacted me to show me manufacturers of nice products. I took the advantage and booked a flight to the „middle kingdom“. After one week searching, eating and fine dining I was pretty disappointed. It was not as easy as thought to find a manufacture, who had the right product and where the philosophy of nature and technology was not only said but lived.

After taking a flight to the south one of the last manufacturers I meet had the right products. iPhone, iPad and Galaxy cases made out of wood, marble, seashell and other special and natural materials. The wood was FSC certified, which showed me that nature was not only talked about but also lived. Especially with the thin marble veneer covered cases I fell in love immediately.

As the materials were all about Stone, Wood, Water (seashell), Fire (ceramics) and metal it was clear to me to name them after the five Chinese elements wolaELEMENTS.

From A like Amazon to W like WOLA

Apart from having the most beautiful cases made out of natural material, WOLA wants to serve you with on time delivery, secure payment processes and convenient customer support. Not one person or company can do that alone so WOLA works with partners. 

Dongguan Aires the Case

The workshop does the design and production of the cases. The manufacturer has years of experience on how to implement design ideas and ensure high quality of each individual case. For this I also work together with them to implement my design ideas, or change their designs to meet customers demand and taste.

AMAZON Logistics & more

Especially to buy a product online is an act of trust. Amazon is largest online trader in most major markets and people trust on its security and high service level.

All WOLA products can be purchased on Amazon, so you can benefit from all it's advantages. Like free delivery for PRIME members, but also easy and simple shipments and in case a cover is not up to your taste return policy.

WOLA is doing what?

With 14 I started an apprentice ship, selling products made out of glass, porcelain, sliver… I learned how important quality and also after sales service is. After that I worked also years for an international retail group and learned the importance of cultural differences and tastes be they small or big.

Albert at work with wooden iphone models

With the combined experience we ensure high quality in service, products and support. As an Austrian who loves it’s mountains, lakes and rivers I try to do as much work outside as possible. Like going on a photo shooting tour with my models (natural wooden smartphone cases).


I hope you will like WOLA wooden smartphone cases as I do, enjoy your stay on .