The perfect iphone case (by Albert)

The best iPhone case (Volume 1)

Many friends ask me what the best iPhone case would be. I sell iPhone cases made out of wood, so obviously they are. No, honestly I think it depends on the type of user and also the functions expected by the customer. One person likes the iPhone design so much that only a transparent case can be used (or even no case but then you should buy a good insurrance), others see the case more like a piece of jewellery and have different cases for different occasions. Today I would like to introduce to you the three categories (glitter, discreet and the jewellry/tattoo), and refer you to other places to find good information.

The perfect glitter and glamour case

If the case should bring a lot of attention, flashy models are in demand. Especially in East Asia you can find many wonderful models with glitter and glamour, cheesy or cute. Sometimes I think Europeans are too boring to use this kind cases but at the end I found some nice models.



iPhone 6s case moschino bear
The cute moschino bear on iPhone 6s

One model I really like is the eye-catching and sweet Moschino Bear also Luis Vuitton has some flashy glitter models. has an incredible nice overview of this kind of cases if you are interested and want to 100% stand out of the crowd.

The perfect discreet iPhone case

It is probably most difficult to find the best neutral looking Smartphone case. The offer on the market is incredible from hard plastic to soft silicone models you can find everything. Also the price ranges are from really cheap (one to two GBP) to twenty Quit and more. Anyway my favourites are the silicone cases, which are neutral looking and also perfectly shock absorbing.

MrHelferSyndrome has found one very special case from an Italian manufacturer and posted a nice video on youtube.

Cases like jewelleries and tattoos

We carry smartphones with us the whole day and every day. Sure iPhone, Galaxy & Co. have really nice designs, but still it can get boring. The solution is to polish up your smartphone with a case or even change the case by occasion or mood. Like jewellery they can be business like (i.e. leather cases), elegant to carry for a dinner, or just natural like wooden cases. 

The materials leather, wood, stone or metals are perfect use and make the smartphone cases stand out of the crowd. WOLA creates this cases but if you don’t find the one you like others like Native Union, Kavaj or Spigen have also descent models.

I am sure I could not answer your question about what the best iPhone case is but, maybe you got some new ideas on which case to buy next. If you liked the article, please share it or comment on it. If not it would be still nice to get your comment and ideas.






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    Analisa Ogilvie (Friday, 03 February 2017 17:23)

    Wow, this article is good, my sister is analyzing these things, so I am going to tell her.

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    Albert (Friday, 03 February 2017 18:18)

    Thanks happy you like the article